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Boxer Signature Series: 6-Piece Tamper Proof Precision Screwdrivers

Boxer Signature Series: 6-Piece Tamper Proof Precision Screwdrivers


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Elevate your precision in household construction with our 6-Piece Precision Drivers Set. Crafted from robust moly steel, these screwdrivers resist corrosion and boast high-temperature strength. The steel black blades, designed to combat light reflection, ensure focused accuracy. With a swivel top perfect for precision work, this set is your go-to for fine detailing in construction projects. Upgrade your toolkit and conquer tasks with unmatched precision and style.

  • 6 Precision Drivers
  • Drivers include: + 1x20mm, + 0x20mm, + 00x20mm, -1.4x20mm, - 1.8x20m, -2.4x20mm
  • Color Coded and Labeled
  • Material: Nickel Chrome Moly Steel 
  • Tamper Proof
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Customer Reviews

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Best screwdrivers I've ever used.

As a watchmaker, I rely on the efficiency of my tools. I have used these screwdrivers each day, all day on ceased and rusted/chemically locked screws. These screwdrivers have stood the test of time, and are the envy of my entire shop. Aside from the price point (paid $8), these are hands down the best screwdrivers I've managed to get my hands on. This is inclusive of blued steel and titanium Swiss, American and Japanese manufactured blades.

Everyone should have 2 sets of these, if not more.