Other Tie-Down Applications

There are so many ways to tie-down your load, besides using a standard ratchet strap. There are various factors that help you choose which tool to use to secure your heavy loads. Not sure which to use? Contact one of our sales experts and we would love to help!

Chains & Binders

These two are the bread & butter in the flatbed industry. Our Grade 70 chains come in drums or single chain assemblies, and can also be built in custom cut chain specifications of your choosing. Chain binders come in ratchet and lever-style to tension the chains.

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E Track + Accessories

We offer a full line of E-Tracks, E-Track tie-downs, and E-Track fittings, and Trailer Bars to help keep your cargo secured and organized.

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L Track + Accessories

L-Tracks, or Airline Tracks, are the backbone of a pickup truck bed. Shop our collections of tracks, fittings, nets, ropes, and anchor points.

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EPDM Tarp Straps

Our EPDM Tarp Straps are both lightweight and easy to use for any light-duty tie down applications. Available up to 41" in fixed length, but has a flexible stretch up to 15%.

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