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Bungee Cord 6-Pack Set with Lengths Ranging from 18" to 40"

Bungee Cord 6-Pack Set with Lengths Ranging from 18" to 40"


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From light-duty tasks to heavy-duty challenges, our set of 6 bungee cords spanning 18" to 40" is your go-to solution for secure fastening. Need to secure a lightweight tarp over your backyard furniture? The 18" cord has you covered. Planning a camping trip and require extra support for your tent? Reach for the 24" cord for peace of mind. Transporting a load on your truck bed? The 32" cord ensures everything stays in place. Tackling heavy-duty projects like securing a kayak on your roof rack? The 40" cord provides the strength you need. With versatile applications ranging from securing luggage on a roof rack to bundling firewood and securing gear during outdoor adventures, these bungee cords offer reliability and durability every step of the way.

  • Set of 6
  • 10mm Diameter
  • Coated Dichromate Hooks
  • Includes:
    • 2 pieces of 18 inches
    • 2 pieces of 24 inches
    • 1 piece of 32 inches
    • 1 piece of 40 inches
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