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Boxer Tools XL Pro Studio Sound Dampening Blanket 96" x 80" - Thick Material - Metal Grommets - Light Blocker, Acoustic Treatment Blanket, Insulated, Sound Reducing

Boxer Tools XL Pro Studio Sound Dampening Blanket 96" x 80" - Thick Material - Metal Grommets - Light Blocker, Acoustic Treatment Blanket, Insulated, Sound Reducing


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Elevate your studio and workspaces with our XL Grommeted Acoustic Blanket, generously sized at 80" x 96". Beyond its transport capabilities, this versatile blanket features grommets for easy hanging, offering sound dampening qualities for enhanced acoustics in your home, studio, or workspace.

Crafted from durable recycled quilted fiber, the Studio XL Blanket ensures reliable concealment and protection for your valuable equipment during transit. Whether you're moving substantial audio gear or transforming your space for optimal sound quality, this blanket is your multifunctional solution.

Maintain its freshness effortlessly – the Studio XL Blanket is machine washable for convenient cleaning. For optimal care, we recommend hang drying to preserve its effectiveness. Elevate your studio and workspace acoustics with the Studio XL Blanket – where versatility meets durability and functionality.

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Constructed Recycled Quilted Fiber
  • Size: 96 inch by 80 inch 
  • Loops are 2.5 inches from grommets, and extend 77 millimeters in width
  • 9 grommets located on the 80-inch side of the blanket.
  • Machine Washable 
  • Do Not Tumble Dry
  • Sound Dampening 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ryan Nelson
Sound dampening.

I bought these to use for band practice in my garage.
They work great! Great customer service!

Dolly Hartmann
P. S. (No More Shuuushing....)

Also, meant to share some knowledge that I aquirred along the way while researching how best to sound-proof a shared wall, and it is regarding the hanging of the sound dampening studio blankets. The following method is actually supposed to improve the sound dampening by up to 30%. I'm hanging the blankets (2), overlapping at the center of the wall (approx. 10' wide x 8' tall), so that the first grommet of each blanket will be sharing a hook. They are going to be 2-3 inches away from the wall, rather than flush on the wall, and in a pleated formation. Also, instead of stopping at the end of the wall where there is a 90 degree angle to the adjoining wall, the blanket is extended to just past the beginning of the other wall, and in a curved formation, kind of cutting that angle off. So, keep on mind, you have to allow for the extra length to round the 2 corners of the wall, the overlap in the middle (so that there is no break in the barrier, and the pleating. I'm using two of the 80" x 96" blankets....
the length is perfect! I needed to cover 120" across....with the extra needed, it looks like 160" is just about right....maybe a little generous. But that's much better than it being short, because the sound would just find it's way through and all would be for not! And again, theses techniques are supposed to improve the sound barrier capabilities of the blankets by up to 30%!

Dolly Hartmann
No More Shhhhushing Each Other! No More Shhhhushing Each Other!

Much thicker and heavier than I expected! I don't have them completely hung yet, as I had to get some more butterfly ceiling hooks to be able to support them. I'm only trying to sound-proof one wall, the one that is shared with the neighbor in the apartment next door. She likes to bang on the wall when our noise is too much or too late for her. Crossing my fingers that this does the trick so I don't get kicked out! We will see....