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Straight Security Latch Set (2 Sets of 4 Pieces Each)

Straight Security Latch Set (2 Sets of 4 Pieces Each)


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Fortify your cargo transport with our Straight Security Latch Set – the go-to solution for bolstering the security of your truck or trailer. In each pack, you'll receive two sets, and within each set are four precision-engineered components designed for a secure and stable fit. Crafted for durability, these latches are a breeze to install, ensuring that your valuable loads stay firmly in place during transportation. Versatile enough to secure various cargo types, the Straight Security Latch Set provides peace of mind for every journey. Upgrade your cargo management effortlessly with this set, and experience enhanced confidence in transporting your goods.

  • Side Plate
  • Curved Plate
  • Flat Plate
  • Handle 
  • Material: Galvanized Steel 
  • Screws and bolts not included


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