Our Response to COVID-19

Recently Updated 04/05/2020


To our customers,

I believe we can all agree, that as part of a supply chain; it is important that we keep each other informed of any issues that may affect this supply.

As the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak progresses; changes in operations of many companies have taken/will take place.

According to Los Angeles County’s recent statement to the “Safer At Home” order, we have chosen to stay open during this difficult time for the sake of our customers who bring public safety to their community. 

We have limited our on-site team, so we can better practice social distancing. As a result, we appreciate your patience and understanding while we do our best to fulfill your orders in a timely manner. We have provided and instructed our associates to practice proper social distance practices with each other and customers, along with wearing protective gear during this time to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

We understand that this is a continuing concern that may change from day-to-day, and are closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak updates. 

Take care, and stay safe! Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this difficult time. 


What We Are Doing to Help Reduce the Spread

PPE donations will be made on your behalf to local hospitals in need. We are asking you all to partner with us to help us reduce the spread of COVID-19 in your communities. Even if you don't live near us in our community, you can still do your part by covering up to protect yourself to protect your community. Together, we can get through this pandemic. Thank you for your cooperation! 

Partner with us to reduce the spread of COVID-19.